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Personal mail and parcels are a thing of the past. Sometimes I amuse myself by reading the subject titles of email in the junk mail folder, mostly written by headless, souless email generators, with nary a thought nor feeling.

Yep. I'm done.

Then there are the very, very rare times that warrant a celebration. The fact that it is so hard to come by, makes it even more special. The last time was more than two years ago. (No, no – do not ask what has happened to that since then.)

This one got here pretty quick.

So quick, I suspect the Customs even left me a little (unwanted) souvenir as visible on the third DVD case from the top. Why, thanks, but no thanks. Sigh.

Two sets; eight cases; twenty-two discs.

Two sets. Eight cases. Twenty-two discs in all, to make up for lack of television, and to (hopefully) provide entertainment for the holidays ahead.

Discs of bliss.

The long-awaited green code marathon well and truly starts now.

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  1. When you said Customs left you an unwanted souvenir I was thinking, you ordered the whole lot of Matrix DVDs but opted to not get Revolutions and they gifted it to you?

    Then I noticed what I thought was shrink wrap was actually a very long scratch mark.

    Rather unfortunate =/

    Keen | 14/10/07 01:27 PM

  2. Keen – Uggh.. you have to see it to believe it. It was nearly the length of the Revolutions DVD case! And it even got to the Animatrix DVD case as well, though not as terrible as the former.

    I suspect they ripped open just the Matrix DVD cases and checked everything inside it (one disc had already slipped out of its respective DVD case) – but left the Lord of the Rings set untouched. Because hey, everyone knows what Lord of the Rings is.

    Strizzt | 14/10/07 07:34 PM

  3. HOLY *$@#!!!

    I want!!

    Here, do this…
    write an email to Amazon asking if you can send back some of the stuff ‘cos it was damaged for a replacement. IF luck is on your side, they’d sent you a replacement… like what happened to me previously when I bought an Alias box set. Truth was that it really was damaged but the cost of shipping it back wasn’t feasible so they shipped me a new box set.

    So, IF it works… you can give these to me as a Christmas present! hehehe.. :P

    azxel | 30/10/07 10:31 AM

  4. Azxel – It was, thankfully, just a scratch on the DVD case, so I can bear with it. (phew!) I wouldn’t really want Amazon to pay for our Customs’ misdeeds…

    Other than that, so far so good… just sat through the four-hour-plus The Return of the King and it was, er, quite tiring actually. :P

    Strizzt | 30/10/07 06:27 PM

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