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And then...

And then…

I woke up thirty minutes ago, and to the thoughts of “Will I ever make it through this day?”


Because I can either get through this one, or I do not.

If all things go well, a heavy burden will be lifted off my shoulders, and never be thought of again – until the results are released in a few weeks’ time, that is.

If it does not, well…

Anyhow, I had the most bizarre dream whereby the newspaper published a complaint letter of mine, which somehow subsequently led to my identity being revealed. The identity of who the ‘anonymous’ Strizzt is.

The thing that followed was the closure of Rantglass, and having to start afresh under a new online handle. That, I think, has always been in my plans, should it happen.

In any case, I am aware that people are already knowing who I am. I do not know how, but… they somehow knew (damn).

My favourite phrase for the moment is ‘morbid fascination’.

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