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Care less.

It is amusing how a bit of music trivia can go a long way, especially when shared with radio deejays. That little piece of information, though utterly devoid of importance, now gets utilised on the airwaves at every possible opportunity it can get.

This has resulted in two feel-good mornings, so far. Not enough to have me do a somersault among the fluffy white clouds, but sufficient to make me feel like I have just done a quick pirouette on good ol’ solid ground. The “euphoria” dissipates within a mere few seconds, but it definitely effects in a much more bearable journey to work.

Besides, there is no point boasting about it (“I told them that titbit and they remembered!”), really, when you are the only driver and passenger in your own car.

And so, no one can wipe that silly, sheepish smile off your face – no one knows, and no one understands.

The secret is safe.

It cost me fifty cents to text them that titbit, though.

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  1. at least it’s free for me to tell you that titbit is spelled tidbit.
    but still, everytime you user tidbit from now on, i shall feel like I have just done a quick pirouette on good ol’ solid ground.

    soporific | 09/10/07 01:48 PM

  2. Soporific – Hmm, but according to the dictionary “titbit” is chiefly British. Another search, however, says it’s a variant of “tidbit”. I’m gonna dig a bit further about this one if I have the time. :D

    Strizzt | 09/10/07 07:43 PM

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