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I am Tokyo.

Why? I always seem to end up liking stuff that everyone else hates.

I can list out a number of music albums that I love to bits, but have been cruelly panned by critics. It is unnerving. They made me feel like I am committing a major faux pas if I ever do one day choose to declare my guilty pleasures.

The list just grew with a few more additions. Cringe.

But see – life still goes on although these things do not make the world go round.

We can do with some miscellany in our lives though.

Insignificant them; insignificant me.

I am like that, too – I exist, yet I desist.

Gracefully, I hope.

I find myself mulling over a fairly annoying topic these days: Facebook. Should I or should I not?

Red has never been my favourite colour, but I have learned to live with it – just as I have for these seven months or so.

We are back to (almost) black now. With an absolutely painless upgrade to it, too.

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  1. do list! i’m looking for new stuff to listen to!

    spoonfork | 01/10/07 03:14 PM

  2. Spoonfork – Butbutbut… I think they’ll likely be stuff you’ve (already) listened to. :P Not much new stuff, really; more like listening to the same stuff over and over again because I have yet to get tired of it (case in point: Wilco).

    I’ll do a list of permanent favourites on my playlist one day. :P Meanwhile, try the “latest” albums from: !!!, Ash, Athlete, The Coral, The Dears, Editors, Silverchair.

    You can take a peek at my Last.fm charts too. :D

    Strizzt | 01/10/07 08:18 PM

  3. critics are not everyone else. in fact, critics are usually ‘not everyone else’.

    so in your case, you can probably find a good number of people who like these albums.

    although, given the shortlist you’ve just provided, it’s safe then to deduce that i side with the critics, except on wilco – which is where we are all on the same side.

    soporific | 09/10/07 01:50 PM

  4. Soporific – Nah... the shortlist above isn’t really the stuff-I-love-but-not-the-critics list (was just tossing some names to spoonfork as those were not on his last.fm list yet) – but I guess you can count Athlete, The Dears and Editors into both lists.

    Reviews for Athlete’s last two albums haven’t been very good, but I actually love them both.

    Eh, you mean you like “Sky Blue Sky” too?

    Strizzt | 09/10/07 08:06 PM

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