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Anything can happen.

Not a horror movie at all, but it terrified me anyway. As the movie progressed, I began to feel fear, disbelief.

Stevie: If you were any thinner, you wouldn’t exist.

Looking at the man who reportedly had shed close to 30kg for a role in a lifetime, I was afraid… for him.

That, being the frail being he was then, he might just – without warning – drop onto the ground and smash into a thousand fragile pieces.

That, although watching him unsuccessfully nodding off and attempting to catch a good forty winks made me tired – I wondered – what if he cannot wake up again?

Dark. Bleak. Fatigue. Sleeplessness. Predictable.

Thin storyline, but still, such a mindfuck. What a journey.

But I cannot bring myself to watch this movie again in the near future. It was quite a painful experience in a way, really. I am not yet ready to bear such distress again.

A day later now – however – I am left in awe, generally, of Mr Bale. Not many people can go to such great lengths to work such torture upon themselves in the name of art. I know I would not.

Would you? Even if it were for a healthier bank account?

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