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Definitely unexpected.

I spied the DVD on the shelves and I wondered: would anyone ever get this thing? Sixty bucks will fly – and truly, I would not have minded, but something had stopped me from getting it during my previous trips to the store.

I cannot be the only sucker who almost always falls for it. Maybe I just was not ready.

Can I live with this? This could be number three in the list. Or does it now mark four? Uggh! No, no!

Major confession, major confession.

Absolutely a turning point in my life.

So I gave in during my fifth visit to the store. I walked straight up to the shelf, gasped when I could not find it there, heaved a big sigh of relief after I found it hidden behind some other DVDs, paid up, set the detectors blaring upon my exit, meekly made a 180-degree turn and back to the cashier’s to have them rid of any more tags still hidden within the case, had the rather cute so-called “in-house detective” sincerely extended his apologies, and I was on my way home again.

And found that more than six months later, after our previous encounter in the cinema, he still can make me turn into a giggly schoolgirl again, but damn:

Jude Law is soooooo fine.

So insanely good-looking, and oh, that charming smile. He makes magic come alive. (This is where you promptly pick your jaw off the ground.)

And the fact that the characters in the movie all worked for the media – movie trailer editing, book editing, journalism, film score composing, screenwriting – makes it all too relevant and strangely fascinating.

So yes – I have now come to the painful realisation that I love my favourite (though mostly British) rom-coms to bits. The accent is sexy; the passion bewitching. Some find it a wonderful delight; others find it an absolute misery. I have no idea why they keep falling into my lap; I end up loving them unabashedly, from heartwarming script to stirring score.

Perhaps, just as Iris was: it appears I am looking for corny in my life, too.

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  1. giggly schoolgirl? :/

    Kheldar | 25/09/07 02:37 AM

  2. Kheldar – Teeheehee. Uhm. What are you doing in Sabah?

    Strizzt | 25/09/07 11:00 AM

  3. Strizzt : Teeheehee? .. I know I don’t know you, but ‘giggly schoolgirl’ made me giggle.

    uhm.. I’m not in Sabah?

    Kheldar | 25/09/07 11:45 PM

  4. Kheldar – Well, girls will be girls after all. ;)

    Website stats keep showing that you are logging in from Sabah. HAH! I have no idea…

    Strizzt | 26/09/07 09:21 AM

  5. Strizzt : your super-spy equipment malfunctioning lah. .. how to take over the world like dat?

    Kheldar | 03/10/07 02:27 PM

  6. Kheldar – Now it says you’re in Sarawak! I give up.

    I’m too kind to resort to world domination. :D

    Strizzt | 03/10/07 08:02 PM

  7. Strizzt : If only I was raking up that kinda mileage. I’m curious. Where does it say I am today ?

    Kheldar | 05/10/07 01:02 AM

  8. Kheldar – (Buzzer goes off) It says you’re in Sabah again. :D

    Strizzt | 05/10/07 09:27 PM

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