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Something pretty.

Something pretty.

I have always thought that it would be nice to have the whole house to myself. You could just switch on the volume to full blast, and no one would stare daggers at you, as though you could have rocked the whole house down and have neighbours throwing tomatoes through the windows.

During the day, I jump at the slightest sound, thinking that an escaped maniac from the nearby hills could have somehow found its way in, and I dread to feel the cold, hard steel of a knife on my back, or a tall, black figure running across the living room. I would cautiously get up and survey the whole house, just to make sure that everything is.. normal.

Empty houses are usually with many strange noises.

The loneliness is getting me, and the nights are the worst. Even if I were to light up the whole house, it would still not be able to put me into comfort. I am jolted awake in the middle of the night, and it would be fairly difficult to drift back to sleep after that.

Now, I wake up early just to stroll down the street to buy the newspapers before the daily stock runs out. The other neighbours would be chattering away, with their gossips and latest news from the neighbourhood. The morning walks have been rather refreshing; I could enjoy the blue skies and the crisp morning air, which, unfortunately, would eventually give way to gloom late in the evening. Thunderstorms are frequent these days: the damage done the other day, was like none we have ever had before. Phone, modem, automatic gate: gone.

Being alone during a thunderstorm, is especially harder.

Having to think about what to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner drives me crazy, too. Instant noodles almost always occupies the number one spot.

So you see, I am not exactly of the independent kind.

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