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You want to rake in enough bucks to have Starry Night adorn your bedroom; to have Van Gogh’s masterpiece lull you to a dreamless sleep without fail, every single night.

You get an oh-no! and cannot stand not knowing what happens to Mr Bauer on another one of his very, very bad days – same time, same place, same channel – only next week.

You plan that ultimate opportune moment to pop the all-important question, complete with a romantic getaway that entails swimming with dolphins beneath the silky moonlight.

You seek the right time to coolly leave a letter on your boss’s desk, bestow him with a grim smile and drink in his sudden discomfort.

You let your eyes search the skies for a lone ray of sunshine that will part the grey clouds away and have the rain come again another day.

There has got to be something you are working towards; something you want to play a part in, something you want to make it happen.

I think, in a way, we are all waiters of the unconventional kind. That much I can understand.

What happens if you are not quite sure what you are waiting for?

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  1. yeah, i’m the sort of waiter who gives you free dessert.

    soporific | 01/07/07 05:57 PM

  2. Soporific – As long as it’s ice cream. :D

    Strizzt | 01/07/07 08:55 PM

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