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You're quite the bee's knees.

Sometimes I feel like cleaning up my instant messenger list. You know, start afresh, delete all those names and keep those who really matter.

Why do you have to delete them? Just leave them be – you might need those people later on. For example, if I need to go back to my hometown, I just buzz A, B and C. If I need to know the way to this place, I send a message to D, E, or F. Or if I have a query about something, I can always ask G, H, I.

Well, those people are probably the ones you need in your list. How about the ones you hardly talk to – the ones you know that you really will not need to have anything to do with – for the rest of your life? I think about 90% of the people in mine are mere acquaintances; people I hardly even know. People I talked to only for that one particular moment in time. For five minutes or so.

It is now like a worktable to me – occupied and full of a great many things that I do not need. It is, in a way, quite distracting. I mean, I need just a pencil, pen, paper. But what is that banana peel doing there? So you see, it needs to go into the dustbin.

Hmm. Who’s the poor banana peel lah? :P


The way I see it from her point of view – sometimes we keep things, whether useful or not, for convenience. Almost a hoarder, if you will.

Yet it feels like I am dismissing all those people with a mere click of the mouse, erasing them all from my life. I scroll up and down the lengthy list, read the occasional odd status message and try to make some sense of a few colourful avatars.

Now they are just names, virtual entities floating in cyberspace. It goes to show that I might mean just the same to them. Which is – virtually – nothing.

No point boasting about having the amount of “friends” going up to four-digit numbers in your Internet social network service account, or having to have three phones to keep all your contacts.

Truth is, I like things clean, simple, and straight to the point.

I am hoping a day will come when all I need is one phone call, and that is that. No buts, no what-if-nots, no can-you-not-find-some-other-person-to-get-to-you?

Because then, you will realise who really matters to you. Ones you know you can rely on, come rain or shine. Those who you can truly call friends, of flesh and blood.

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