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One day we'll disappear.

I really doubt anyone born within a same month or year could possess identical traits and personalities. Although twins may have similarities, they may not necessarily be a carbon copy of one each other.

Despite the fact that millions of people in this planet can go under the same astrological sign – all sharing the same “fortune” or outlook for the day, depending on which newspapers you regularly read, however – I wonder what the chances are of the “predictions” actually coming to pass with the assistance of various celestial bodies, dubious cosmic positions, crinkly tea leaves and the like.

Then again, it could actually be the work of a bunch of copywriters – who are having a ball of a time attempting to draft out a future to suit everybody’s liking – after one too many cups of strong black coffee while valiantly fighting writer’s block for two days running.

But whenever I stumble upon the realisation that oh, so he is born on this day in late May – or ah, I did not know that we share the same star sign too – I cannot help but feel that perhaps – just perhaps – we do have more than something in common after all.

I nod wistfully – it is perfectly understandable that he behaves the way that he does; or that I should not find it surprising that she, too, does that strange little routine every morning.

Or it could be mere coincidence that brings us together.

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