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The clouds will roll away.

Names, when announced with a calling, querying intonation, sounds extremely normal.

So normal, in fact, you would not even give it a second thought. It registers in your brain with immediate effect; you either whip your head round to face the caller, or pointedly ignore him or her – depending on your mood, of course – especially if last night’s yummy chocolate brownie still lets your heart rule over your head.

But the fact remains that when you hear your name, you become alert, composed, expectant. You lie in wait to spring into action.

That is when you are Called.

But when a name is innocently said, in a painstakingly formal tone with an utmost deadpan face, with not the intention to attract a person’s attention but to achieve The Ultimate Delicate Sounds Heard While Accurately Pronouncing Your Own Name (For Who Else Could Pronounce Your Own Name Better Than Yourself) – for example, when you have to get your name recorded into a device – it sounds strangely alien and yet comical enough to send everyone within hearing distance into hysterical laughter.

Say your name now in full, first name first – alone and in front of your monitor screen – and tell me if you do not find it funny.

But for additional dramatics, you can always do it in front of everyone else, of course.

It will certainly make their day, that is for sure.

(It is just like… why can you not tickle yourself?)

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