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Got dirt, got air, got water.

Got dirt, got air, got water.

“Give a bit discount lah, ” I looked on as the salesperson packed my new, unattractive modem into its box. There goes my money again.

“Don’t worry, I know you’re a regular customer,” he responded with a smile, and probably with as much friendliness as he could muster on a Saturday morning. He proceeded to give me only four ringgit off. Oh well. I tore my eyes away from the noisy printer, which was slowly chugging out the receipt.

I looked up and noticed a girl painstakingly playing catch-up with a guy, as she tried to both pop some biscuits into her mouth and balance some bags hung around her arm. She looked familiar, and I did not need to rack through my brains to come up with her name. As I walked out of the shop later, I was surprised to see her right in front of me: she was entering the shop at the same time. I turned my attention into studying the floor, as I attempted to quietly walk past her like a breeze.

Barely a minute later, I turned a corner and saw another familiar face, talking candidly through her phone. I was not sure if I should go up and talked to her, also having not seen her for five years now. My pair of legs, however, helped me decide my course.

On both occasions, I did what I do best: I walked away as fast as I could. We went to the same primary school. Then we enrolled in the same high school. We were not that close; still, we knew each other.

Three years ago, a few friends in university had warned me against running away from them, should I encounter them one day when we have gone our separate ways. Now, if all things go well, we have only six months more to go, before we complete our final year studies.

How could they ever see right through me?

Judging from my reaction the previous day, it looks like I might just disappoint them.

On air now: The Good Times Are Killing Me, Modest Mouse

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