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Content with being blue.

Aiyoh, you didn’t change at all. You still look the same, dress the same.”

“And with the same shirt that you wore on our outing a few months back! You always wear this to the movies.”


“This is one of my favourite shirts,” I countered weakly. Gosh. I made a mental note to spice up my wardrobe. If possible.

So it has been, like, more than six months definitely, and a little less than a year. Some things do not change; I am one of them. Apparently. Or so they said.

I glanced at my friends. Going places, new phases, bright faces.

My uninteresting life can usually be summed up quickly in less than ten sentences. An update is hardly required of me (heck, you can even see that here already); whereas I believe I could spend hours just listening to my friends telling me of the goings-on in their lives. I hope that explains why I do not talk much during meetups, because there really is not anything for me to talk about (just like how there really is not anything for me to write about).

I think I am… stagnant. Is there anything remotely, unpredictably, different about me after all this while?

Still at the same old job which I neither love nor hate; listening to those same old songs that I can never get tired of; stuck with the same old hairstyle I have had for the last couple of years.

Somehow being same old me still earned me bear hugs from two friends, to which I am embarrassed to report that I had responded with a slight grimace.

So I guess being same old me is not really such a bad thing after all.

But change is not impossible, so we shall see what happens next. If nothing happens, is it still something?


So I received another wedding invitation today. This one particularly tickled me because of the inclusion of a few additional words that came after my name on the card:

(my name) and partner

Partner. HAHAHAHAHA. Ahem.

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  1. wedding invites are a dime a dozen. wedding dinner ang paus on the other hand…

    soporific | 31/05/07 10:38 PM

  2. Soporific – These wedding invitation thingies and trips are new to me.

    Strizzt | 02/06/07 02:01 PM

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