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You know I'm shallow.

And, well... that's it.

Nothing spectacular this time around, but it is almost a sin to leave empty-handed.

I mean – driving halfway across the state, dodging weekday traffic (on a Friday no less), searching for decent parking spots – it had all better be worth the trouble. Limited floor space, limited choices – but I guess it is up to us to make the best out of it.

In any case, it was a sombre but somewhat funny affair. The library-like silence was occasionally broken by a children’s book that kept making various animal sounds, eliciting giggles and amused glances all around.

I recognised no one, but bumped into the same few persons at almost every aisle – we would politely make way and dance out of each other’s reach, steal quick looks at the day’s catch, then quietly continue our browsing. If I were that paranoid, I would have thought they were stalkers.

I still have books unread from my previous trips; heck, if I do not get to them promptly, I will soon end up with a warehouse in my own room.


(But it makes my one-week break from work very enjoyable, if not productive. I really should do this disappearing act more often.)

It’ll feel like it should.
Knock me over.

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  1. i ended up with 5 books too, but I didn’t see ANY of the ones you got. would’ve wanted the salmon of doubt too. ;(

    leech | 01/05/07 12:15 AM

  2. Leech – Heh. The books that I bought – they weren’t stuff that I REALLY want; more like spontaneous/impulsive purchases. This is the first book warehouse sales where I spent below RM100! Bwahahaha.

    My copy of Salmon of Doubt is a bit cacat though. Spine looks like it’s gonna come off soon.

    I went on the second day of the sales, but I think they do replenish the stock everyday. :D

    Strizzt | 01/05/07 09:37 AM

  3. AIEEE! Must go buy 4D!
    She took a week off from work!

    Kheldar | 17/05/07 06:45 PM

  4. Kheldar – I’m doing another disappearing act tomorrow, whee!

    (A lull before the storm. Busy days are ahead…)

    Strizzt | 17/05/07 07:50 PM

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