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Cornered. Questions.

Are you studying or working? Ah, no, I’m not a conman. You see, we have a la la la a do do do a da da da. Do you pay your taxes? Good, so you tap tap tap and pigs fly and tap tap tap again. You just need to fill in your name and address here. Have you heard of us? Have a look at this baa baa black sheep and that flying chair. Do you know that you can do this and that and …

“Are you married?”


I do not know if I should laugh or cry at that question.

I mean, it certainly was not meant to be a compliment, was it?

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  1. hmm… i’m curious… are you married? hahahaa

    azxel | 26/04/07 12:09 PM

  2. Azxel – Arrrrrggghhh!

    Answer is no. :P

    Strizzt | 26/04/07 08:26 PM

  3. married to her books, she is.

    soporific | 01/05/07 02:38 PM

  4. Soporific – Well, there aren’t really that many books that I can be married to… :D

    Strizzt | 01/05/07 06:52 PM

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