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It's the same old plot.

Do you know when and where is it, exactly?

You could be lounging on a comfortable sofa bestowed with an odd Swedish name that you cannot remember, with one finger idly circling the rim of your glass of red wine as you pensively admire the city skyline.

You could be driving on lone highways at a relaxing 30 kmph alongside green paddy fields and rolling hills and a rainbow fast fading away from the bluest of skies, with the wind gently caressing your face and the sounds of nature’s best accompanying you all the way.

You could be looking through the many files stacked sky-high and spilling from the tray marked with letters forming a screaming “URGENT”, but still manage a smile because the view from your room is excellent, the job pays the bills and everything else, the coffee is good, and hey – did that cute office guy just breezed past?

You could be seated in front of the bright monitor screen that doubles as your only source of light in an unlit, bare room – then being asked a question to which, without giving it a thought, you obediently typed in response:

Yes. I am happy. :)

How will it come? If ever?

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