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December rain.

To put it nicely, it is not my business. At all.

But sometimes, pondering one of life’s greatest mysteries becomes a part of the fun; to seek the answers to simple questions that have eluded the minds of a normal being.

The whys, hows and whats, followed by a delicately-shaped question mark – one of the most meaningful symbols in existence.

Or just plain being a busybody to satiate curiosity.

Meanwhile, I can always try to direct my concentration on doing something that will bring me more satisfaction, like…

Painstakingly re-arrange the tracklists on the recently restored-to-factory-settings fruity player.

Secretly plot world domination, effectively joining the ranks of masked cartoon villains.

Slowly pluck Cupid’s feathers, one by one, because I am sure he has got something to do with this.

But damn; Mr Day, you broke my heart.

Pray tell the answer to a question that has been driving me crazy lately: just what is it that you see in her?

Is love really that blind?

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