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It doesn't matter who you are.

I fear I might have made myself too comfortable.

The “think before you speak, look before you leap” mantra goes completely out of the window once you settled into that peaceful, all-knowing existence.

Of being acknowledged; of being knowledgeble.

Of self-importance and self-worth.

So this is the point where you start taking things for granted; deftly overstep your boundaries; smugly tell others that everything is all right although the opposite reigns supreme.

Responses may vary from “would you really like to be my friend?” to “who the hell do you think you are?”.

Have you anyone to diligently look after you, patiently reel you in, and properly keep you in place?

We are mere colourless specks of dust, identity-less and faceless, floating about in this vast universe – and it will probably do us all good to humbly remember just that.

The world doesn’t revolve around you; just as it doesn’t revolve around me.

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  1. it just shows dat ur one carefree person.and i like dat.if everyone’s lik forrest gump,im sure there wont be war…heck..what im toking…hehe..

    anyway…i lik da red karrer of ya bloggie background.berry berry hawt:)
    so are ya :)

    teikywengy | 15/04/07 08:31 PM

  2. Teikywengy – Ah, but if we’re all Forrest Gumps then there might not be hate after all. But to have love there has got to be hate too, hmm. (And to have light there has got to be darkness, etc…)

    Red is not my favourite colour. ;)

    Strizzt | 16/04/07 09:12 PM

  3. no la, fear leads to hate, hate leads to anger, anger leads to suffering.

    soporific | 16/04/07 10:21 PM

  4. Soporific – And it’ll go on and on and on, somehow.

    Strizzt | 17/04/07 08:01 PM

  5. no, actually it just ends at suffering.

    soporific | 01/05/07 02:39 PM

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