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Fears conspire.

I watched from my window the big droplets of water descending from the sky, creating perfect circles on clear puddles, starry-liked shapes on the warm ground, sorry disfigured spots on the weathered walls.


It was Saturday, and I was briefly distracted from the David Mitchell book I bought from two warehouse sales ago.

I pondered how it would feel like to have raindrops bouncing off my skin; to stand under the rain and be wet from head to toe; to hear thunder rumble ominously in the distance and hope that a bolt of lightning will not stray and strike too close for comfort.

Hmm. I think I would like to try that – if only someone up there can guarantee that I will not catch a cold after that.

And so I imagined – arms wide open, menacing grey skies, leaves floating up, duelling dragons, mini tornadoes, weird thundercloud shapes, flying pigs – oh, the like.

Television, the silver screens – they always made it look so fun. And cool. Somehow.

Little did I know my wish would be granted immediately the next day – and at the most unlikeliest place no less – in time for the annual Qing Ming festival.

Really – I think a drizzle would have do just fine to satiate my curiosity.

But no – it had to be bucketsful of water pouring forth from the heavens, and a pitiful umbrella that seemed to serve its purpose not at all.

Fun? A little, actually, I must admit. Hee. But obviously not for the other three sharing the same umbrella.

I tell you, the Powers That Be sure have got a sense of humour.


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  1. Trust me, it’s the same with snow … it looked fun in Christmas movies especially with the snowman, sleds snowballs and fluffy snowflakes. But the reality is that the biting chill which you can’t see on screen is really very painful and uncomfortable. So I’d be more than happy to be inside a toasty room than being drenched with (most likely acidic) rain!

    Shomisu | 04/04/07 08:29 AM

  2. Shomisu – Uh oh. :o The notion of acidic rain completely slipped my mind!

    (I’ve touched snow before; didn’t quite like it.)

    Strizzt | 04/04/07 07:38 PM

  3. it’s fun. especially when it gets muddy.

    and yes i have a sense of humour.

    soporific | 07/04/07 05:38 AM

  4. Soporific – Uggh! Mud! No thanks.

    Strizzt | 07/04/07 10:51 AM

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