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The gentlest tide.

It should not be so, but listening to tracks from a yet-to-be-released album is like watching a movie and knowing where all the good bits are.

No surprises.

But unlike real movie spoilers – strangely enough – this does not take away the fun at all.

And there we were, exchanging views, proclaiming favourites, making comparisons.

It feels really odd to be actually talking about music. To be actually mouthing band names like “Wilco”, “Broken Social Scene”, “Kings of Convenience”. To be actually hearing song and album titles like Kidsmoke, Lover’s Spit, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot being mentioned.

They rolled off my mouth awkwardly; I cringed. I really have not spoken those words before, have I?

In fact, all I have ever done is to only type them out on my keyboard. That boring but familiar tappity tap tap.

It proved to be a very alien experience. Overall, it made me felt like I was being laid bare, carefully prodded, experimentally turned over; I felt vulnerable, exposed.

A good half hour later, the outcome was hardly what I would call a stimulating discussion – rather, it was more like stringing together introductory paragraphs – knowing and yet not knowing all.


You and I will try
to make it better yeah.

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