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2007 looks set to be a good year for music. Well into the third month now and already I have found one beautiful song to love to bits, a handful of new albums to sample, and plenty more upcoming releases worth anticipating.

I am excited. I cannot get certain tunes out of my head. And so I hope I will have Mr Tweedy, Mr Day, and Mr Martin, to keep me company for the rest of the year.

Then, one day will come when I read this again and… laugh.

You see, these are not reviews per se – but of course, I am biased.

Sky Blue Sky, by Wilco.Sky Blue Sky, Wilco
May 15
All it takes is just that one song to make me put this album at the top of my list. Track number three – “Impossible Germany” – sounds to me like a powerful combination of all of my favourite Wilco songs. This is no A Ghost is Born; instead, the band seems to have gone back further in time, getting in touch with their roots – but then again, this is also no Yankee Hotel Foxtrot either.

(Besides, it is very difficult for me to completely ignore the name of the album. Mr Tweedy, I hope you like your skies blue, too.)

We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, by Modest Mouse.We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, Modest Mouse
March 20
Back with a new and louder album, Modest Mouse’s latest offering sounds a bit like a confusing mish mash of tunes – so much so it strangely brings to mind another band – ... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead (!!).

It rides like a roller coaster – but there are more ups than downs. They scored well with tracks like lead single “Dashboard”, “Parting of the Sensory”, and “Missed the Boat”, but here we have no definite standouts – nothing as lethal as “The Good Times Are Killing Me” from their previous album Good News for People Who Love Bad News.

Neon Bible, by The Arcade Fire.Neon Bible, The Arcade Fire
March 6
Actually, there are already enough praises sung from all four corners of the earth for this one.


Okay, honestly, I tried – but I still very much prefer The Arcade Fire’s last outing, Funeral. Neon Bible came and went without so much of a ceremony, despite the fact that the album did sound very much grander and larger. Or probably it was due to the fact that I have been bestowing much more attention on the other two albums…

Other upcoming releases for 2007:
Ash, Coldplay, Howie Day, Doves, Editors, Elbow, Islands, Hot Hot Heat, Jimmy Eat World, Radiohead, Stars, Travis. See Metacritic’s release calendar here.

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  1. arcade fire and modest mouse good. but lcd soundsystem ftw!
    had no idea elbow was gonna have a new one out this year. shoulda asked about it then.

    soporific | 07/04/07 05:44 AM

  2. Soporific – That’s what the release calendar says. Sounds like a good year of music ahead, whee!

    Ah, Dashboard!

    Strizzt | 07/04/07 10:54 AM

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