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I wonder what are the odds of getting acquainted with another person of the exact same name. It would be fairly possible, I suppose, to only read of ‘your’ name somewhere and forget about it entirely the next day.

I was reading the daily newspaper and saw my name printed on one of its many articles – except that I do not live in the opposite side of the state; neither had I been interviewed by journalists lately. Still, it left me with a strange thrill that I find difficult to put into words, and I found myself re-reading the article a few more times than necessary.

It was strange in the sense that, somewhere out there, someone seemed to be talking about you – but they were not, of course. And you cannot possibly go “Hey, I’m in the papers!” because you really were not. Some sort of a cheap thrill, perhaps.

It was not the same sort of thrill experienced upon seeing your name included in the winners’ list for, say, the Gila Gila Great Giveaway, though. Those you can neatly cut out and stick into your diary, as a thing to remember, to cherish – and to remind yourself to look out for the prizes in your mailbox.

In retrospect, perhaps the names Moon Unit and Dweezil do not sound so bad. After all, they are one of a kind – just like how most of us often strive to be. To be different, special, and unique; but often to the most dire consequences once the wrong step has been initiated.

And no, it was not Violet.

Although I must say that it is somewhat foolish of me to be falling in love with characters out of a book. If only FitzChivalry Farseer and Drizzt Do’Urden could come to life…

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