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Knock me over.

And so, like everybody else...

... but that 1024-page fantasy novel was not in sight.


“Do you need a box for your books, madam?”

“No, it’s okay, I’m fine,” I replied, silently agonizing over his usage of the word madam and defiantly juggling with the books that threatened to slip away from my grasp.

No Forgotten Realms, no Dragonlance. Somehow I ended up grabbing books that scream award-winner-of-this and bestsellers-list-that. Like a sheep, I am afraid. Baa.

I also got a rather tattered copy of a book, too – it looked so horrible, I feel like disposing of it already. I have no idea how it came home with me.

The novelty of going to book warehouse sales is fast running out. I need something more exciting the next time around.

Now, if only music CDs and movie DVDs are available at such rock-bottom prices and variety, too…

It’ll feel like it should.

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  1. Actually, I’ve always wondered. Shouldn’t there be a lot of excess CDs and DVDs out there due to overprinting for some reason or other? Or do the music publishing companies get it right most of the time?

    Mint | 06/03/07 12:17 AM

  2. nooo… !! this was my first warehouse sale, at the moment (21 books later) the buzz is still there and I think I will never tire of book sales. :)

    btw was thinking of getting Mister Monday! Do tell if its good.

    leech | 06/03/07 02:08 AM

  3. Mint – Hmm, I don’t think music CDs and movie DVDs get as many buyers as books do (probably due to piracy). Is there enough demand? Hmm. Then again, the average price of a music CD is more or less the same as a book, at about RM35-45.

    But if they have a warehouse sale for music CDs and movie DVDs, I’d go – because I usually can’t find what I want at normal stores…! Some years back there was a proposal to have a CD/DVD sale, roping in all the major label companies – but it didn’t really take off I think.

    Leech – First time’s always the sweetest. :D

    I think Mister Monday should be okay – I have faith in Garth Nix. :P I’ve read one of his short stories – The Creature in the Case – and I liked it!

    Strizzt | 06/03/07 07:12 PM

  4. what was exciting for me about THIS warehouse sale was the COMICS. WOOT!

    eyeris | 10/03/07 12:01 AM

  5. Eyeris – Yes, at least the graphic novels make it slightly more interesting than the previous warehouse sales. But there’s toooo many boxes of Sin City, pfft.

    Strizzt | 11/03/07 07:33 PM

  6. tash aw? lolol.

    and in any case, there are sales for cds. i picked some up for rm10 some years ago.

    however they dont happen as often because the two mediums differ in obvious ways.
    for eg, there is usually no damage to ‘browsing’ copies of cds.

    soporific | 13/03/07 12:57 AM

  7. Soporific – What’s wrong with Tash Aw?

    And hmm, you’re in Singapore! For Yo La Tengo?

    Strizzt | 13/03/07 08:53 PM

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