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I got out of the car. It was early, but I was not alone – throngs of people were already milling about the nearby hall. They were quietly browsing, basking in that pleasant smell that often accompanies brand new books.

Why didn’t anyone tell me the venue changed, I muttered grumpily to myself as I scoured through the numerous stacks of books available, searching for just that one book.

The crowd trickled away as minutes ticked past, but I hardly noticed. I was prepared to leave without the book I wanted, with plans to return the next day – and so I proceeded to the cashier with my other spontaneous would-be purchases – only to be told that it is now four o’ clock, no, we are closing up for the day already, you will have to come back tomorrow, yes, your books will still be here then, please do not worry, sorry madam.

... fine.

Tomorrow came pretty soon though – in a blink of an eye, actually. I was hovering from table to table, flipping through the pages of many books with relish. Dodging empty brown boxes which were laid haphazardly all over the floor in all places and positions imaginable. Studying the crowd with little interest – everyone else looked like everyone else. Looking at the mountains of books that sat forlornly on the tables, unsure of their fate.

Then I saw it.

The elusive book was nestled between two other books – which both appeared thicker and more menacing with their shiny black covers. Ah, hidden out of sight but not out of mind.

I gave a whoop of delight at my lucky find and was about to reach for the said book – when I saw it slid away from me into the welcoming hands of a bespectacled boy. He promptly whisked it away to the cashier, leaving me standing there, stumped with disbelief.

What, I lost a 1024-page fantasy novel to a four-year-old kid?!

Then I woke up with a start. And had to shake my head at the absurdity and bizarreness of it all.

Perhaps I should starting making plans to go to that book sale this weekend.

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