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Save you.

Save you.

Two days, consecutively. I was like, “Not again…”

It was terrible! Terrible! But driving really fast behind the ambulance was fantastic! (?)

That quote came to mind when I was stuck in another one of those infamous daily crawls while heading home after work.

Sirens from afar, and the all-tell lights of blue and red spinning round and round atop the approaching vehicle.

Oh dear. I felt a mild adrenaline rush. Make way, make way.

It was amazing though, to see how the cars slowly inched off towards the sides, leaving a clear path for the ambulance to squeeze through. It was something akin to a Domino effect: one by one, cars of all sizes and makes were attempting to utilise space still available, to the best of their ability.

And then it comes…

... and passes by.

Like a vicious shark snaking through the waves, leaving behind a V-trail of sorts.

And then it was back to as it was before.

On another note: kljda;lsf#&$#$#kjslk (I am not supposed to be talking about my workplace again! But it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that things are hardly going to be all right when two of your bosses leave one after another, leaving a one-man-show that will be who else, but yours truly.)

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