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Through the alley ways.

“Oi, I can hear you people laughing from the pantry during lunch lah.”

“Oops, were we that loud?”

“But of course! Every one sounded so… happy. I’m jealous!”

“So you heard us talking about you, then.”

What?! Excuse me?”

“And we all agree in this: that you’ve opened up a little since you moved to this new cubicle here.”


“You talk a lot more now – you’re not as quiet as you used to be.”


So what initially started out as a friendly jibe inadvertently turned into a self discovery of sorts.

A swift re-evaluation, a quick glance at the mirror.

Am I, really? Have I grown? Am I still not the same? What else do I not know? Can I go back to being who I once was? Should I, even? Is this for better or for worse? Have I become less of this? Did I become more of that?

Do I like being who I am now?

Can I do anything about it?

Little, yet much, has changed.

Yet it feels like I am being held hostage by my own heart still.

And with that, I am back.

... I think.

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