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I looked at both the new and old faces greeting me on the page. A picture of yours truly was once plastered there, forcefully taken by a self-appointed photographer, who had screamed the F-word half a dozen times at me when I repeatedly turned down his request for my picture. I relented, eventually. No point in hurting my own pair of ears with all those vulgar words he kept flinging at me. I cannot fathom why is my picture that much needed, just as how he cannot understand why did I not want my picture taken. I might have forgotten to remind him about human rights. Then again, I think he had a certain degree of dislike for me, anyway. Which was why my picture did not look that good up there with the rest of the colleagues. Ahem.

The old faces. The first thought that came to mind was, why the hell are they still there?

Did they not complain and come up with only harsh words for our boss; of how he listens to no one but himself?

Did they not find fault with the allegedly flawed management, subsequently declaring that they can definitely do better than that?

Did they not say that their moves have been much restricted, claiming that they were not handed the reins to do as they like for the well being of the company?

Did they not express their wish to leave by the end of the month?

Well, what do you know. They are still there, and they have even pulled in a friend to help out the team, too.

Haha. Hypocrites.

And whose idea was it to schedule the premiere of Matrix Reloaded on HBO on a day when, as usual, I will not be able to watch it? I can not understand why this sort of thing always has to happen to me. The local IMAX theatre is set to open on December 3 for the showing of Polar Express; but there has been no mention of the scrolling green codes that I very much desire.

I wonder what took me so long to like Sex and the City.

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