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Clever medicine.

I cannot find the pink elephant.

I thought she was standing right next to the green tiger, but I was wrong. I mean, a combination of those two particular colours cannot be that difficult to miss, can it?

Yet people still say how fast time flies.

This is a given – we have always seen it coming, but like they say, it is the getting there that matters.

Like how one futilely struggles to stay awake during a speaker’s long, monotonous speech.

Like how one diligently marks red crosses on the yellowed pages of a frequently-used calendar.

Like how one keeps silent and painful scrutiny; undeterred, and undaunted; ever waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Still, it does not mean that all is well – we can never be well prepared enough for anything. Plans fly out the window; tempers flare; feelings crushed. We were being smug and all, but no.

What if that day never comes?

What if that day goes to someone else?

What if that day was not even yours to begin with?

Borrowed time, that is what it is.


And now, I need to find time to do absolutely nothing.

Nothing, you hear me? Nothing. I shall spell it out anyway just so to drive the point home. N-o-t-h-i-n-g.

The question is: when?

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