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Like a rootless tree.

Now, I can think of only two reasons why people suddenly pop up again in your life.

After a period of laying low, being away and oblivious (hopefully) to many, and what do you get?

A yellow envelope containing a wedding invitation – which is fine by me, actually. I feel so loved, so much so I am thinking of starting a collection and finding a way to keep them with me for a time.

Yes. Second wedding invitation received within a month.

So. It looks like when it rains, it pours. A third one should come my way soon…

Unfortunately, the novelty of it all has waned, and quickly, too. As usual, I have to attribute this to That Crazy Big Thing Called Work; if you must know, I am being assaulted left, right and center.

Oh, and the other reason why people send you text messages and give you calls right out of the blue?

“Hi! Long time no talk!”

“Yes, how have you been lah?”

“Fine, fine… I’ve been doing this and that…”

But small talk is just that – an exchange of pleasantries, discussion of extremely trivial things like the weather – so it usually does not take them very long to jump straight to the point.

“You know ah, I want to ask you this – how do you make a vector shape go transparent in Flash?”



1) Damn! Jack Bauer is HOT. (Sniff.)

2) Tyler and James MUST win! (But I get a horrible gut feeling that the million bucks will give them the slip.)

3) I want to ride on a dragon. (“Kaulah penunggang naga baru” (“You are the next Dragon Rider”) makes me laugh like an idiot.)

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  1. Hahaha I haven’t gotten one of those phonecalls in a while.

    But then again, it used to be cheaper to call when I was at least still in the same country.

    Keen | 10/12/06 11:53 PM

  2. Keen – Ah, I bet you don’t miss those type of calls. That, and be someone else’s personal computer technician (“Eh, don’t know how to install this software leh…”)

    Strizzt | 11/12/06 07:28 PM

  3. people still make calls???

    soporific | 11/12/06 11:12 PM

  4. Soporific – Desperation drives people to do a lot of things.

    Strizzt | 12/12/06 07:34 PM

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