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Sitting at this same old spot, listening to the same old songs.

You would think that things may have changed even a year after, but no.

I am still a dictionary.

I am still an encyclopedia.

I am still a telephone directory.

I am still a book of maps.

I am still a search engine.

I am still today’s, yesterday’s, two weeks ago’s newspaper.

I am still Superwoman.

I am still The One with Answers to All the Questions You May Have.

Is that all I am to you? Truly?

That I know premises to movies not yet watched; know lyrics to songs not yet heard; know plotlines to books not yet read?

That I am blessed with all the knowledge in the world, laden with all the useless facts and bits of trivia many would have cast aside?

That I am always ready to come up with a satisfactory answer at your bidding, no matter rain or shine?

That I am a knower of everything and anything?

But one thing I really want to know, for now, is this:

Why is it always so easy to think that I am all that; is it really that difficult to believe that I am actually none of the above?

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  1. Then what are you actually?

    Shomisu | 06/12/06 11:03 PM

  2. Shomisu – Well… I just don’t want to be the one people always run to for answers. “What does this word mean?” “Do you know which movie has…” “Is there another meaning for this word?” “How do I do this…”

    These are the questions to answers that can easily be found on the internet and in dictionaries – and not just in Strizzt.

    Strizzt | 07/12/06 08:27 PM

  3. Hey, you should be happy! It means you’re smart. Nobody asks me such questions …. :po ni

    Shomisu | 08/12/06 11:31 PM

  4. I think perhaps she wishes people used their own brains more often instead of picking hers. =)

    strrizt : Hello =). And no, I didn’t die in a car crash. heh.

    Kheldar | 09/12/06 02:19 AM

  5. Shomisu – Being smart doesn’t mean you have to know all the answers. I can redirect those questions over to you if you want. :P

    Kheldar – Yes, you read right. But hi! I hope you’ve been well – work has been crazy for me. Sigh.

    Strizzt | 09/12/06 02:58 PM

  6. at least you’re not the technician, magician, artist, squire, workhorse etc.

    sorry, did that sound whiny?

    soporific | 11/12/06 11:15 PM

  7. Soporific – Not as whiny as I was!

    Strizzt | 12/12/06 07:34 PM

  8. At the risk of sounding the whiniest:

    hey Strizzt. Wouldn’t go as far as to say I’ve been well. =lopsided grin= shit’s been hitting the fan. work’s been crazy on this end too. Heh. But what’s there to do other than plod along, eh?

    Soporific: you self-employed or somethin?

    Kheldar | 18/12/06 11:18 PM

  9. Kheldar – Ah well. Unfortunately, more work = more money doesn’t quite hold true… argh.

    Strizzt | 19/12/06 08:21 PM

  10. Well it depends. Holds true for some very busy freelancers I know.

    I’m curious though. Has work been crazy at the office for everyone, or just for the lone workaholic whose heroism remains unrewarded?

    Kheldar | 20/12/06 02:56 AM

  11. Kheldar – Not quite everyone – about 20% of the people in the office are involved during this book season (we do books).

    Most of the people within the 20% handle just one book at any one time. Some of us do up to two 2000+page books simultaneously (that’s when things can go really crazy). I happened to be looped in the latter category.

    But today, I found just one other person in the office who is more of a workaholic than I am. Not that it makes me feel any better though…

    Strizzt | 20/12/06 09:07 PM

  12. Poor lass. Perhaps you really should start planning that sabatical.

    Kheldar | 21/12/06 12:19 AM

  13. Kheldar – Haha. And so should you, too.

    (I always tell people that maybe one day, I’ll take a month off just to rile things up a little… all big talk.)

    Strizzt | 21/12/06 09:41 PM

  14. no, i just happen to be part of a largely unbalanced, if not inept workforce.

    soporific | 23/12/06 02:39 PM

  15. Strizzt : heh. maybe you should rile things up a lil. Gotten a raise yet? =grin=

    soporific : hmm. “largely unbalanced”, in terms of?

    Kheldar | 23/12/06 06:12 PM

  16. Kheldar – The percentage of the “raise” that I received was not enough to cover a month’s worth of petrol. Then again, better than nothing, I guess. :D

    Strizzt | 23/12/06 08:10 PM

  17. i think strizzt got an increment. a raise is what i hope to be getting. which will cover a month’s worth of petrol, but that’s about it.

    largely unbalanced in a whole lotta terms. gender, racial, interests, ability…

    soporific | 24/12/06 09:17 PM

  18. Actually, I think the both of you have talked (very briefly) about your jobs some time ago (haha!). This was sometime during the Incubus concert. Wait, was that just last year?

    Strizzt | 25/12/06 11:22 AM

  19. Adoi. “Better than nothing” does not equate what you’re worth, lass. hahah. workaholic! Just don’t end up paying them rent.

    Hah. It’s that same post, isn’t it?
    Incubus concert was early 2004.
    But now that you mention it I do hazily recall something of the like.

    Soporific: did you initially remember us talking about our jobs? or does she just have this huge filing cabinet in her head?

    Kheldar | 28/12/06 01:04 AM

  20. Kheldar – Yikes! Two years ago?!

    Anyway, yes – I have the comments stored away someplace else. :P (Two years ago I was still using Blogger to publish my entries! I’ve sinced moved to using Textpattern - which is why you won't be able to find the comments here on Rantglass anymore.)

    Strizzt | 28/12/06 08:21 PM

  21. i usually dont remember much of what anyone else is saying:)

    soporific | 28/12/06 10:48 PM

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