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A sound judgment.

Well, you see… it has been all about work, work…

... and more work.

Argh, this vicious cycle.

Maybe I should go on a sabbatical and learn how to take things easier. Also, to take the opportunity to make a few bold, earth-shattering statements, such as:

I am, finally, not here! Take that!

You people cannot live without me!

Things can go wrong without my magic touch!

I will show you just how much I have been taken for granted!

Yes, I am irreplaceable!

Unfortunately, in reality, the world still turns lazily; gravity still holds as usual; the sky still does not turn any more bluer than it should; fresh green grass still smells like fresh green grass; impatient drivers still speed up on purpose although you have earlier indicated to switch into their lanes…

Why, I am just a little speck of nothing, who, on some days…:

“... so I tell you, I was cursing like mad…” I was ranting, and as always, added a few more colourful details than I should.

“Wah, I’d want to hear you curse!” she exclaimed.

“I’ve heard her do that!” he chipped in with a grin. “I tell you ah...”

“Wait – now you people are saying as though I’ve never cursed before…”

“So she used the four-lettered word?” she asked him, ignoring me completely.

“Excuse me!”

Hey, hey – look who is being polite there. I doubt I have ever heard them both utter any swear words either. Wow, now that I think about it – I do have some pretty well-mannered colleagues – those that make model sons and daughters, having achieved strings of A’s and actively attempted all curricular activities in school.

And of course, they are all saner than I am.


Oh, God… not many songs can do this, but this one…

It makes me melt.

Every single time.

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  1. you curse about as often as people actually allowing you to cut in in front of them after you’ve signalled.

    soporific | 29/11/06 01:23 AM

  2. I think the sky can only turn black with smog, fresh green grass smells like exhaust from the gardener’s mower, and impatient drivers are simply Mat Rempits on 4 wheels.

    Can someone actually get through a day without cursing?

    Kwok Weng | 29/11/06 07:57 PM

  3. Soporific – :o Okay, it looks like I won’t be getting any gifts from Santa this year.

    Kwok Weng – For that to happen means that the person must have had a really, really, really! good day. And that's really hard to come by...

    “Mat Rempits on 4 wheels”, heh heh.

    Strizzt | 29/11/06 08:40 PM

  4. someone obviously hasn’t seen a mat rempit before

    soporific | 05/12/06 11:53 PM

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