Rantglass - because that's how things are.

Fanfare knot.

If I have a white piece of chalk, I would get up and walk over to a blackboard, like, right now, and write these words on it:

Because that’s how things are.

I will write and write and write.

And write some more.

Those same, exact, words. Long, unbroken strings of letters together, on the blackboard. And they all mean the same thing.

Because that’s how things are.

Until the damnable piece of chalk shrinks to a size of a bullet.

Until I begin to feel strangely fine again.

Until I get tired of it.

Of course, whichever comes first.

But all that is not going to happen. I have no chalk, no blackboard, no beginning.

Only an inexplicable, mad sense of urgency to hear the unbearably screechy sound of a chalk being dragged across the blackboard methodically.

The kettle is whistling, the pretty maids are all lined up in a row, the iron is hot, and everything else is ready; but at times, all it takes is something or someone else to stop what you once started.

I cannot help but feel that life in general, more often than not, is just plain unfair.

Because that’s how things are.


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  1. Yup, life sucks alright sigh

    Unfortunately, life goes on, & we have to go through it no matter what. So the only thing we can do really is make the best out of it.

    double sigh

    Life sucks, alright.

    pugly | 07/11/06 04:12 PM

  2. Pugly – Yes, sometimes it sure feels like it (argh!). I’ve been feeling like throttling someone for the past few days…

    Strizzt | 07/11/06 07:54 PM

  3. i’d actually for once, like to see how ‘fair’ is envisioned in one’s mind.

    soporific | 12/11/06 09:04 PM

  4. Soporific – Different strokes for different folks… although fairness is becoming slightly er, utopian.

    Strizzt | 13/11/06 08:15 PM

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