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I was looking forward to that particular day to re-evaluate my position.

I told myself that I would reserve my finicky thoughts, hold my judgements, put off my search until that day comes – only then I would decide on a new take in this part of life.

Ah, new possibilities, broader horizons. I could take up on another hunt. Pursue other matters of interest. Drop everything and start anew.

Honestly, I did not think it would be that easy, considering that I was at my previous workplace for only five months.

Plus, it was very convenient to shrug off the question. There was always an answer to be whipped out, ever on the ready:

“I’m giving myself one year here, before I start thinking of anything else.”

Then October 17th came and went – and the importance of it all slipped my mind entirely.

(I ask you now: do you remember the date you started work at your current workplace?)

So where else will I go from here?

“I’ll give myself, uhm, two years here.”

Now, I must admit that this sounds like a very lame excuse. A “two” does not make as much impact as a “one”. What if I say “three” – does it make a feather fly at all? Bah, numbers.

“A Master’s, perhaps?”

Yeah, and everyone else my age is already pursuing either a second Master’s, or doctoral degrees, already. Good grief. But the thought of going back to school, tackling group assignments and droning lecturers make me quiver like a leaf.

Therefore, I shall now have to settle for an easy way out to the question. An answer that will either result in a chorus of horrified gasps, or collective looks of sympathy:

“I don’t know.”

Hi. My name is Strizzt, and I am a workaholic.

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  1. Never too late to go back to being a student again. Which is exactly what I’m planning to do… :D

    eyeris | 21/10/06 07:06 PM

  2. Eyeris – Do you, really? :o

    I didn’t like school that much.

    I’ll just go back to doing “I don’t knows” for now…

    Strizzt | 22/10/06 01:36 PM

  3. I don’t get it … do you like your current job or not?

    Shomisu | 22/10/06 09:40 PM

  4. Shomisu – I think I do, but it doesn’t mean I have to be here for ten years, eh? :D

    Strizzt | 22/10/06 10:11 PM

  5. Huh? But if you don’t stay at a job you like, then what kind of job do you stay on? I think it’s quite hard to find a job that you actually LIKE. :p

    Shomisu | 23/10/06 05:42 PM

  6. Shomisu – I… I… don’t know! :D

    I think a career change is essential in exchange for a more healthy-looking resume, better pay, more experience/knowledge, etc.

    Strizzt | 23/10/06 07:08 PM

  7. healthy-looking resume, better pay, more experience/knowledge…
    is all that as essential as a job that you like?

    anyway, not everyone is purusing 2nd masters all that. but thanks a lot anyway, now at least i know i’m nobody…

    soporific | 25/10/06 01:41 PM

  8. Soporific – True, but money talks...

    We know there are many people out there who’d rather be doing something else, but they won’t because it doesn’t pay the bills. Job hopping is a way to bring home a wee bit more money.

    Well, if you’re a nobody, what about me? :o

    Strizzt | 25/10/06 07:18 PM

  9. well, if you want money. just say money. all the rest are just means to an end.

    you’re the person who called me a nobody.

    soporific | 01/11/06 09:54 AM

  10. Soporific – Well, I didn’t. “If” can be a powerful word. :D

    Strizzt | 01/11/06 08:19 PM

  11. well ‘IF’ i was a nobody, then you’d be the person who called me that.

    but it’s not an ‘IF’ since u said ‘everybody’ is doing 2nd masters/doctorate et al.

    but nobody is fine with me. par for the course. oh, dreary life of mine back of hand on forehed moment

    soporific | 05/11/06 01:06 PM

  12. Soporific – Well, someone has to be a somebody…

    Strizzt | 06/11/06 07:11 PM

  13. and why can’t it be me! cries the little orphan boy.

    soporific | 12/11/06 09:08 PM

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