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Okay. Cringe not, but I have not been to the cinema for more than six months now.

There are about five movies I am looking out for – five which should fire me up enough to willingly fork out ten bucks to spend two hours or so dodging moving silhouettes and tolerating annoying ringtones, while seated on a rickety chair in a dark cinema hall full of strangers, trying to pay attention to events unfolding onscreen.

Two dueling magicians caught in a rivalry so intense, it affects not just them both, but also those around them.1

Two men from opposite sides of the law, leading double lives in dangerously precarious positions as the truth threatens to surface.2

The role of a very, very special tree, believed to be instrumental in keeping a pair of lovers together – and a journey spanning a thousand years.3

The unwavering attempts of a magician to win back the affections of the woman he loves.4

And lastly – I have read the second book to this movie and am not overly impressed, but since it comes across as a Lord of the Rings for kids, and also because it has a dragon in it…5

I cannot help but feel that there is some sort of link or similarity that connects those five movies. Hmm.

Of course, I can also start on a list of music albums to look out for soon…

But I think I will need a new shelf to keep everything in.


I was re-reading some of my older entries and it took me a while to grasp what I wrote about. Besides, the entry titles are of hardly much help.

It is just like that television commercial featuring the services of a certain mobile telecommunications company – why take a troublesome fifty words to get your message across, when you can use just one?

I do not fancy being vague, but I suppose it all comes in this package called “me”.

And for that, I am not sorry.

1 The Prestige

2 The Departed

3 The Fountain

4 The Illusionist

5 Eragon.

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  1. I guessed all the movies, except The Fountain… hehe.

    Prestige is surprisingly good. Waiting for The Departed but suspect I will prefer Infernal Affairs. The Illusionist has interesting posters, me like. :D NOT looking forward to Eragorn though, somehow…

    eyeris | 13/10/06 07:56 PM

  2. Eyeris – They’ve put up those Eragon posters outside the cinemas since months ago, and everytime I look at one, I somehow feel… strangely excited. Don’t know why. :D

    Doubt the movie will be good. Have you read the book Eragon? (I’ve only read Eldest, and I don’t count it as a favourite.)

    Strizzt | 13/10/06 08:56 PM

  3. What kept you from the cinema?

    nocturnale | 15/10/06 02:09 PM

  4. Nocturnale – Nothing, really. I guess I’m just not the regular movie-goer; I only go (usually without company) to the cinemas if there’s a movie that I reallyreallyreally want to watch.

    I watch all my movies on Astro years later. Heh.

    Strizzt | 15/10/06 07:10 PM

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