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Interdimensional shifts.

A boring evening.

You let your thumb run its own course, pressing the buttons on the remote control at random.

Flash. Unfunny comedy reruns. Screen flashes again. Another one of those bling-bling music videos. Flash.

Nothing good on the television; or so it seems.

Macon: I don’t really care for movies; they make everything seem so close up.

There are more than fifty channels available, but none seemingly beckons to you. Trying to find a show that sustains your interest for more than a minute can be almost a mind-numbing affair, at times.

But the fruit of your search is made all the more sweeter when you finally find a show well worth investing your time in; it sticks to your mind, still fresh even days later.

I quite like this movie from eighteen years ago.

A problem with movies as “old” as this, is that the hairdos are wrong, the clothes are alien, the colours faded and dull.

Besides, comparing the pictures of the cast of then and now also proves to be an eye opener (oh, no, he’s not as hot as he used to be!).

A few times I wanted to reach for the remote control, but the movie either springs a funny surprise, or tugs at your heartstrings for a bit.

Two hours later, all is well. Gems turn up when and where you least expect them, do they not?

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