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Spoken like a true, all-knowing sage, but I get the feeling that she may be right.

Zeniba: Once you’ve met someone you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return.

And so, I found myself doing a quick rewind. For some reason, familiar faces of many years past kept popping into my head and naturally, I wondered where they are today.

Still, we meet new people everywhere, every day. Maybe we will only come across certain people just once in this lifetime.

Then again, there may be those who might just pop up again later in the future, under extraordinary (or not) circumstances.

The friendly cashier with the dazzling smile she generously bestows upon her customers at the supermarket, could well one day turn out to be one of the bridesmaids that accompanies your colleague down the aisle on her wedding day.

The smartly-dressed man with whom you exchanged a quick glance but who failed to hold the door open for you, may drive you up the wall one day with his impossible-to-meet demands when he takes on a new role from mere stranger to finicky superior.

This basically means that the “first time” may not really be the first time, after all.

Not that you will remember, in minute detail, the time both you and the other person first met each other. But that does not hide the fact that a prior encounter had actually taken place – and the memory of that, long gone.

But, meeting is never quite knowing, no?

I knew I loved you before I met you.

(So. I was spirited away in a two-hour awe-inspiring adventure. I am five years late – oh, but when am I never late – but yes! I do love this movie.)


Haha. I just found this:

Oh. My. Gawd.

They are actually serious about doing it! The horror.

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  1. Oh fall on your knees and give thanks – It’ll be a cartoon/animation. Phew.

    What a coincidence. I was bored this weekend and rummaged through my brother’s bookcase. Decided to re-read the trilogy. It’s been at least 15 years since I last picked it up!

    spot | 02/10/06 01:43 PM

  2. Spot – Heh heh. When I got to the IMDB page, the first thing I saw was Kiefer = Raistlin. I was like, “OHMYGAWD!!!” It took me a while before I saw the word “(voice)” attached to the back of the character names.

    Good books, those. Sigh. The concept art developed for the movie don’t look particularly attractive, however…

    Strizzt | 02/10/06 08:21 PM

  3. Ya..keifer is way too … healthy!

    Hmm.. how about Kevin Bacon though?

    Did you read Time of the Twins? That was excellent. Love the Raistlin & Chrysania cover.

    spot | 03/10/06 10:03 AM

  4. something tells me it’s gonna be crap.

    anyway, for a moment there i thought u had watched eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. except there was no zeniba in it.

    soporific | 03/10/06 11:17 AM

  5. Spot – Kevin Bacon ah… hmm, now that’s a thought. That’s if he can do raspy sounds… another that comes to mind is Paul Bettany, fresh from his little stint in the Da Vinci Code. But Raistlin’s not an albino like Silas…

    Nope, have not tried any of the Legends books (I think! But I distinctly remember seeing the book on my bookshelf once… not the one with Crysania on the cover, though).

    I’ve tried a few of the other books (Kendermore, for instance), but, er… they weren’t interesting enough to make me turn the pages.

    Soporific – Still too soon to tell, but they’re going to have a really hard time pleasing Dragonlance fans with the movie.

    Oh, but I think I’ve already done a mini pseudo review on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. :D

    (Zeniba’s from Miyazaki’s Spirited Away, of course.)

    Strizzt | 03/10/06 08:20 PM

  6. but of course.

    but some movies are worth watching again.

    but not writing about again, maybe.

    soporific | 08/10/06 05:54 PM

  7. Soporific – Ah. Looks like I have not written about green code for a long, long time now…

    Strizzt | 09/10/06 07:08 PM

  8. vol 2 of the comics is out. i hardly noticed…

    soporific | 25/10/06 01:47 PM

  9. Soporific – Eh, but but but… didn’t that come out like, last year or so?

    Strizzt | 25/10/06 07:37 PM

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