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These days, I blank out so completely, I scare myself sometimes.

I cannot remember if I addressed a person correctly in an email, or if I even sent the email to the right person in the first place.

Then, I felt the constant urge to check my bag to see if I brought my mobile phone along with me to work – this, while I was on the road.

... Okay, I remember putting on my watch. What did I do next? I think I… Did I? I can’t remember. Okay, I took the watch, and then… and then… good grief, did I even go anywhere near that darned phone this morning?!

I started suddenly and realised that I had already passed the two bridges and was just three minutes away from the workplace.

I drifted away again, marvelling at the number of times I have listened to a particular song in just one week.

Whoa, red at the traffic lights. Stop.

I racked through my brains and replayed certain events in my head, but failed to distinguish if they actually happened today, yesterday, or many days ago.

Then there are other things that I hardly need to be reminded of.

Like how quickly a Friday has come (and gone).

Or how regularly the months are changing names, going back to having thirty days again.

And how the year is soon wrapping up and drawing to a close.

I feel so old.

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  1. hehe. zoning out, huh. happens to me all the time… :p

    nerdook | 28/09/06 11:42 PM

  2. Nerdook – It seems to happen to me more frequently now, eep!

    Strizzt | 29/09/06 08:06 PM

  3. You can’t be as old as I am :-)

    Sometimes it’s easy to forget stuff with tons of other things on your mind. Try taking ginseng or one of those herbal thingies that are supposed to improve your memory.

    pugly | 30/09/06 11:11 AM

  4. Pugly – Age is relative. :D Nah, it just scares me that I seem to be doing so many things subconsciously… I have loads to think about in my mind, it seems!

    Strizzt | 30/09/06 08:14 PM

  5. Do you exercise? Badminton, brisk walking or jogging?

    Try it. Highly recommended.

    nocturnale | 01/10/06 04:45 PM

  6. Nocturnale – Unfortunately, I’m not much of a sportsperson. I might get myself a treadmill someday… (by the way, I think I sent you an email – to your streamyx account)

    Strizzt | 01/10/06 07:02 PM

  7. busy globe-trotting celebrities are only busy globetrotting and doing nothing else.
    don’t feel bad.

    soporific | 03/10/06 11:18 AM

  8. Soporific – Mmm, I think they’re definitely having more fun than I currently am…

    Strizzt | 03/10/06 07:48 PM

  9. What email? Send it to my scrivener@nocturnale.com lah. I think that $@ streamyx email account is kaput!

    For a start, try yoga.

    nocturnale | 03/10/06 08:08 PM

  10. Nocturnale – Heh. I hardly check my streamyx email account, too. Nah, I’ll be doing some spring cleaning soon, so I was just wondering if I could delete the files in modusvivendi?

    ... yoga, eh? It’ll take me a long time before I am able to put my leg behind my head or something.

    Strizzt | 03/10/06 08:26 PM

  11. nobody’s saying they aren’t having more fun. i’m just saying that it doesn’t mean they’re more committed to their blogs than you are.

    soporific | 08/10/06 05:55 PM

  12. Soporific – Sigh… I’m not as committed as I used to be. Sniff.

    Strizzt | 09/10/06 07:01 PM

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