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Six feet small.

Ever wished you were something more?

You could have been down that road. But no… you had to choose another.

Good decisions, bad decisions. But never quite the right or wrong ones.

You have always been like that, you know. Making decisions, almost confidently, seemingly with no regrets, consoling yourself that what is to be done, must be done – yet, you never fail to find a reason to talk and complain about it long after.

Once decisions are made, move on forward. Just move on.

No one said it would be easy.

No one said it would go smoothly.

No one said it would all turn out fine.

One can never completely reverse decisions already made. Because to do so is a weakness; to do so means it was never even a decision to begin with.

So why do we not?


I have no idea how long will I be stuck in this fangirl mode.

On a whim, I went to the music stores to look for all three albums. I found only one, and at an exhorbitant price at that.

Should he ever head this way, I am so going to be there.

So what, I now love a song that everyone else on this planet loves, too.

I feel so uncool now.

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