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Belief can.

Both Mr Rice and Mr Blunt were once here a long time ago – one was armed with a cannonball; the other, a massive hit which I did not find all that beautiful, really.

Mr Powter joined them very much later with a sixth song that is actually the first song; he left it playing on a free loop most of the time.

Mr Gray is currently taking a long, long break; he is possibly still stuck in slow motion somewhere in Babylon, and I miss him already.

Mr Gough pops by every once in a while, but not without bringing along magic in the air, a few friendly ducks, and some silent sighs.

Mr Johnson came but left shortly after, in between dreams – he needed to find out why his train kept breaking down on him.

Mr Morrissey comes and goes whenever he likes; after all, in his own words – the more you ignore him, the closer he gets.

Mr Stevens makes rare but memorable appearances; apparently the predatory wasps of the palisades turns him all the more quirky.

Mr Day is here sometimes; I still welcome him with open arms, waiting for him to take me on, anytime, as he finds a way to stop the world now.

Mr Chaplin is also here every day; despite being held up somewhere under the iron sea, he needs to regularly check on the frog prince.

But Mr Tweedy has always been here, while not being there; I have not been quite the lonely one since.

Then there is the oft-homesick Norwegian duo; an 11-piece collective who does handjobs for the holidays; the hot, hot ones stuck in an elevator; a couple of lost unicorns stranded in some islands; editors who have been to Munich and back; those who say they love you but have actually chosen darkness…

... and then he came along.

Mr Mayer, I am again yours… for now.

It is so easy to fall in love. Yes, belief can.

(I know, I know: I am afraid I am becoming more and more music-deprived.)

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  1. you’re such a girl:)

    soporific | 22/09/06 03:12 PM

  2. Soporific – I know! Sigh…

    Strizzt | 22/09/06 07:40 PM

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