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You see, I have never been one to make new year resolutions.

The irony was not quite lost in me when I realised that I have been saying this to myself a bit too frequently:

“I’ll wait until I’m 25 [to do this].”

So. This is it. Probably my idea of procrastination, fear, and mental preparation. Of waiting, and letting things be.

No, I am not talking about mind-boggling attempts, or extraordinary feats.

It is not about wanting to test my physical endurance by scaling the highest mountain, or do a pirouette while bungee jumping.

It is not about fulfilling my wildest desires by walking down long red carpets to flashing cameras and giant TV screens, or penning clever lyrics about fallen superstars to have them soundly throttle me later.

I am talking about really simple things that affect each and every one of us.

Like, a change of directions. Swearing off cigarettes, and a whole load of bad habits. Finally getting to go on a long-deserved family vacation.

Or, producing a bound book containing a compilation of your dearest writings. An important career change that pleases no one but yourself. Getting a first peck on the cheek, and jumping over the moon for it.

Things that actually can be done with immediacy, like now.

So why I have chosen to wait until I turn 25 – until I reach that particular point in time – to perform a few tasks and ultimately cross them off the list, is beyond my understanding.

Oh, great. This means the year 2008 will be an important period of my own making. This is assuming I will still be holding true to my goals, and that I have not changed much by then.

Now, I find myself trying to initiate delays and postponements; of trying to live in the now, and not worry about achievements until two years later.

How do we make history and shape the future?

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  1. I will be 25 myself in a couple of months. Time for me to make good on my resolutions :)
    As for you, do enjoy your two years but try not to initiate delays unnecessarily. We don’t get inspired too often and when it happens its best that we take up on them.

    Mint | 17/09/06 01:27 PM

  2. Mint – Good luck in yours. :)

    Hmm.. a lot of things can happen within two years – so I’m hoping that I don’t really have to wait until I’m 25 to get certain things done and ticked off the list.

    Strizzt | 17/09/06 10:51 PM

  3. mint has resolutions? my universe is coming loose at the seams.

    soporific | 22/09/06 03:18 PM

  4. Soporific – Well, people change…

    Strizzt | 22/09/06 07:36 PM

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