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“You googled my name, didn’t you?” I eyed him warily.

“Smart. But at least your name can be googled!”

He made it sound like being google-able qualified as an achievement of sorts – that I should have made a screenshot of the page and have it framed up on the wall.

Oh, I probably should also mention that the search engine came up with only one pathetic hit – and even that was nothing to be proud of, either. Shows just how well known I am. I would rather sweep it under the carpet.

Naturally, I googled his in return and snickered at the many results that carried his name – except that they were not all him, of course.

Well, I cannot lay claim that I also moonlight as a dentist practising in three clinics in Melbourne; or was a proud graduate of one of the Ivy League universities; or once had a stint as a movie extra acting alongside a floppy-haired British actor who speaks with a Texan drawl.

But it seems uncanny that there is someone who would actually bother to type my name into a search field – be it out of boredom or for curiosity’s sake. I suspect it is more of the former, though. Honestly, I cannot think of any reason for anyone to want to get to know me better.

Then again, I accepted it as “normal” for me to google others’ instead. I can go on a googling spree sometimes and who knows, those poor souls could probably be wondering the same thing, too. Why the hell would anyone want to resort to using a search engine to look up somebody? Cowardice, convenience, or curiosity?

I understand that some would rather utilise the magic of Google to get here – I reckon it is too troublesome to type out the long website address into the address bar, eh?

The response I got mostly concerns this: “Don’t know how to spell insaitiabldfyejs lah!”


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  1. hey…... i think i googled it once!! when it was leaked on the blog, long time ago. search returned some page about your project, i THINK. hahaha….

    nerdook | 02/09/06 11:39 PM

  2. Nerdook – Eeeeesh. That’s assuming you got the right name. Ahem. No, no, you don’t need to reproduce it here… :D

    Strizzt | 03/09/06 12:02 PM

  3. i often google people as well… like pamela anderson, jenna jameson, jenny mccarthy… what?

    soporific | 14/09/06 01:14 PM

  4. Soporific – They’re celebrities; I’m not!

    Strizzt | 14/09/06 07:26 PM

  5. oh, sure you are… just not.. you know…

    soporific | 22/09/06 03:20 PM

  6. Soporific – ... what? What? :D

    Strizzt | 22/09/06 07:34 PM

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