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Towards Friday.

Towards Friday.

Another sunny morning. Flipping through the newspapers, a somewhat monotonous routine to many.

Then the green codes on the page greeted me, with the three familiar imposing figures staring smugly back at me. One full coloured page, in all its glorious colours of… that still-very-much-significant green. I am going to have to save that advertisment page.

There was that tingly sensation up my spine again, and the goosebumps. Delightful, nonetheless.

It is going to be a long, agonizing wait for the arrival of the box set; fears of having it tampered to bits by Mr. Customs, or sent to some dismal place halfway across the world are unsettling. The reviews for it has certainly been very encouraging (refer to Newslog at sidebar); so much that I can hardly sit still. In any case, the supposedly ‘ultimate’ box set that was ordered, unfortunately, was not quite complete. Ordering from the official website itself will burn the wallet just a bit more, but with the inclusion of scripts to all three movies. As always, however, not all online purchases could be shipped to all countries in the world.

I wonder if is there a real difference between solitude and loneliness. The former makes it sound so tranquil and peaceful; the latter seems to imply isolation, ostracised by many to the edges of the world.

I think it is amazing how some words can mean so much, mean as they do. Probably it has to do with our impulsive association with words; of painting a likeness or a representation to them. Beautiful, to me, is indeed a beautiful word by itself. Fantasy suggests a sort of an imaginary, dreamy whim to it. Serene is as serene is.

But then, stumbling upon a word like ‘strizzt’ might encourage some to peer around suspiciously for mosquitoes.

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