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Honey waffles.

“Ah, so you’re [...]. Nice to put a face to the name at last.”

“What the… you look so… just how young are you?!”

“A couple of the editors say hi… and oh, here’s some Tim-Tams for you.”

“Yeh, let’s get down to business…”


“Cheers mate!”


They will be here next week. I get the feeling that, as usual, I will have trouble catching their words due to their Australian accent. There will be plenty of smiling and socialising involved and that means one thing: oh woe is me.

“... huh? Er, sorry, didn’t quite catch your words…”

“So your last visit here was fifteen years ago – what did you do then? Was it just a one-day stopover at the airport?”

“Can you say that again?”


“Uhm, sorry? Can you repeat that?”


“Ah, okay, got it.” (I think.)


There was a time when I daydreamt of working for game companies, like the now defunct Black Isle Studios. However, the brief times spent agonising over the creation of NURBS and polygons, and the constant futile attempts to produce smooth animation effects opened my eyes and swiftly put an end to those ambitions.

Neverwinter Nights 2. In October – just a month or so to go. The end of the draught nears. I feel the need to wield some blades, let fly some arrows and just… get rid of something for the heck of it.

I may have killed a few mosquitoes when I tossed and turned in my bed, but that is not quite the same, is it?

Planescape Torment; Icewind Dale; Neverwinter Nights.

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  1. titan quest wasn’t too bad. very diablo-ish, though. i think im gonna hafta upgrade my 3d card (AGAIN) for nwn2… sobs.

    nerdook | 01/09/06 12:03 AM

  2. Nerdook – Nah, your graphics card should be good enough; you can’t keep upgrading – techy stuff keeps getting better. :D

    Did you see the screenshots for Neverwinter Nights 2 at gamespot.com? Looks so 3D-ish…

    Strizzt | 01/09/06 07:16 PM

  3. I was going to say NWN was 3D too… until I saw how 3D-ish NWN2 was. Pretty. Hahaha.

    Keen | 01/09/06 08:26 PM

  4. Keen – Oh well, it’s probably because the screenshots on gamespot.com are mostly close-ups…

    (Uhm. I can’t stand Lara Croft’s sharp pointy boobs.)

    Strizzt | 02/09/06 12:30 PM

  5. NWN2 should run fine if you can run NWN, seeing that they’re using an updated version of the NWN engine. I can’t wait for it as well… doubt I’ll finish it (never did finish NWN with 2 of its expansions eventhough I have ‘em).

    Online multiplayer Role Playing was what got me and the reason why it was in my hard drive for so long. Try Dungeons & Dragons’ Online if you can. Pretty good. I just stopped playing due to time constraints.

    I see that you read R.A. Salvatore’s books. Are they really good? Been putting off (buying &) reading ‘em for some time now.

    azxel | 05/09/06 01:21 PM

  6. Azxel – Eh, aren’t you from doxob.com? :P Anyway…

    Heh, I’m not an expansion type of person – I just go for the original game release and that’s it, case closed. Same goes with MMORPGs. Besides, I hardly have much time in my hands anymore ever since I started working a year ago. (sigh)

    RA Salvatore’s books, hmm. The Icewind Dale trilogy (and its “prequel” the Dark Elf trilogy, depending on whether you’d eventually like the drow Drizzt Do’Urden) is a good introduction of sorts to his books/way of writing. He uses simple words and things do get pretty predictable after a while, but he has a way of describing fight/battle scenes that keeps you wanting to turn the pages.

    Strizzt | 05/09/06 10:40 PM

  7. seriously, did any of those games ever have as good a plotline as torment’s?
    i’m sure playability improved but rpgs have the potential and should be so much more.

    soporific | 14/09/06 01:17 PM

  8. Soporific – Hmm, true… Planescape Torment has an intriguing plotline that still sticks to mind. Can’t remember much about the plotlines of the other RPGs, really…

    Strizzt | 14/09/06 07:30 PM

  9. hmm.. you’re from doxob.com as well? lol
    Sorry, I can’t recall how I got to your blog.

    Just pre-ordered my NWN2 (collector’s edition) from TSB. True, mmorpgs suck the life and time of you… well, same goes for work. Only difference is that you can purchase that ’+3 flaming longsword of deception’ with your real life money as well as in-game gold. :P

    IMHO, Drows are much overpowered. Thanks for your views on the books.

    azxel | 20/09/06 01:21 PM

  10. Azxel – Not quite “from” doxob.com… I do drop by the forums; I just don’t post much. :D

    Oh yes, I’ve always found those magical items fascinating. Sigh, if we only have those in real life too… I wonder if those “magic” crystals actually work.

    Strizzt | 20/09/06 07:25 PM

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