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Come rain come shine.

They hold fast and strong to their own beliefs; it seems that nothing can stop them from reaching for their wildest dreams and their highest ambitions, no matter right or wrong, come rain or shine.

And so people pursue. Blindly, whether driven by hope or desperation, love or hate, desire or necessity. Stubbornly, because it has become a way of life.

Probably this is so because they feel that there is something worth believing in.

Or perhaps this is just because it is known to be the only way to survive in a world like this.

How evil does one have to be, to feel that what they have done is actually “good”; is the best way there is?

How good does one have to be, to think that that which do not qualify, is actually defined as “evil”; is to be avoided at all costs?

Does this not mar their perspectives on what is right, and what not? What if they have been standing on the wrong side all this while, if there is even a right side to begin with? If the curtains come down on them one day, will it change them in the end?

Yes, there has got to be something, aside from greed that is, that drives people to do some of the things they do.

Some people bear no qualms about leaving explosives in public places, or by wielding dangerous weapons over helpless victims.

Some people find it fulfiling to spend hours volunteering in hospitals, or to make an honest and decent living relying on nothing else but their own abilities.

So. Which side are you on?


Mr Chipmunk Cheeks checks into rehab. Unbelievable. Does not stop me from looping the band’s songs, though…

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  1. Standing on which side depends on your conscience. And what you stand for. As to what you think is justified.

    Committing murder to save someone or even to prevent further destruction. Is that good or bad? Lighting up explosives to rid people that are destroying religion. Is that good or bad?

    If your conscience is clear, then by all means, go do what you think is ‘right’. But of course, there are always 2 sides to a coin. Different people have different perspectives to the same situation. Both could be good or both could be evil.

    Darn. Think this can be a whole blog entry…

    Wong | 24/08/06 09:51 AM

  2. People pick sides based on which is easiest.

    It’s easier to swallow an ideology wholesale than to spend time and brain power going through each commandment with a critical eye and considering ALL angles.

    It’s easier to not have to consider the lives of the innocent, of the collateral damage.

    It’s easier to think in black n white than to have to decide how much of each component to mix in order to get the perfect blend.

    Ignorance IS bliss.

    spot | 24/08/06 02:27 PM

  3. Wong – Yeah, but then two wrongs do not make a right… again, it boils back to your beliefs. It may not be necessarily “right”, if there’s even a right or wrong to begin with.

    Spot – That’s like taking the easy (and lazy) way out – almost like the way of cowards, perhaps? Of resignation, of surrender.

    But yes, ignorance is bliss. I’d like to rid my mind of a whole load of depressing stuff.

    Strizzt | 27/08/06 07:27 PM

  4. Isn’t that why religion was called the opiate of the masses? :)

    Modernity has made humans namby pamby. So many things are now “too hard”. Convenience is key.

    spot | 28/08/06 03:29 PM

  5. Spot – Hmm… fair enough. :) After all, if parents today insist on getting their kids to bring mobile phones to schools…

    Strizzt | 28/08/06 08:42 PM

  6. spot, u seem to hold on to two reasonings that clash with each other, that religion keeps the masses in place and so does modernity.
    then whats the option? anarchy? to believe something like that, or any other revolutionary ideology would work plainly and simply is swallowing it whole, as u referred to earlier.
    it’d be nice if you could offer a viable alternative, instead of using your ennui to separate yourself from the admittedly sheeplike behaviour of the general public.

    ignorance is not bliss. all the things u pointed out are not examples of ignorance, but examples of worldviews and belief systems. these people know. they choose not to consider. you’re right in saying that it’s convenient, but only as convenient as your labelling of them.

    soporific | 14/09/06 01:27 PM

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