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Evolutionary biology.

The Hunter's Blade trilogy, by RA Salvatore.

Too much politics; too many deaths in this one. I understand that the latter may be necessary, but… ugh, politics! Really. The world of politics is not something I can easily comprehend – not that I even intend to. Ignorance is bliss, after all, but that is because the universe is already complicated enough as it is.

War rages tirelessly in all three books, and I am sure we already know the answer to this: war, what is it good for?

Absolutely nothing.

No doubt battles are violent by nature, but most times they seemed rather senseless. After one too many throats slit, fireballs ignited, heavy boulders tossed, sharp spears thrown… it gets a tad bit stale. At least here, they still made pretty decent page turners, though.

Nothing like a bit of over-the-top fiction to remind you of the grimness reality often brings.

So. Turning into a killing machine is that easy, huh?

Then again, authors can play God. Not us.



Lately, I have been having trouble getting here – the server request will either fail to get through, or I get the dreaded “Database unavailable” message (or a broken Textpattern string), both of which certainly means bad news.

This has been happening for the past few weeks, and I am curious to know – does this happen to you, too?

Someone kindly answer me this before the screen of my five-year-old monitor turns magenta… again.

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