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But I don't know you.

You know that queer feeling you get when you did a good deed?

When you left the counter to run after a forgetful customer who had stepped out from the shop without carrying along her recent bag of purchases…

When you gently slip a ten dollar note into the red plastic cup with chipped edges, empty save for a few silver coins…

When you led a three-year-old back to his anxious father, who was pacing back and forth by the information counter…

When you gave way to another car and the driver bestows upon you a charming smile and a brief wave of gratitude in return…

When you played your part as model citizen and drew a legible-enough map to a local landmark for a couple of enthusiastic tourists…

... it is sort of like a warm, tingly sensation, and it leaves you with a silly grin on your face for the rest of the day. It makes you feel like you have just climbed the highest mountain, and now a limitless canvas of sky, sea and land is all vastly spread out before you. It gives you the idea that you have all the world in your hands.

Above all, it lets you feel good about yourself.

So good, in fact, you get the notion that nothing – absolutely nothing – could spoil that perfect moment. But then the day ends, and you have to go home to your squabbling siblings and watch bits of paint peeling off your bedroom wall.

Life goes on.

She seemed to be the quiet, timid type.

I hope I made her day.

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  1. after reading this entry…i realise that i am actually a very carefree preson. it’s very dull, only awaiting for something to happen and most often, boring event takes place. thanks for spreading the charm…

    ezwan | 20/08/06 01:11 PM

  2. Ezwan – Well, not all of us would want, or even dare, to make the first move.

    I’m the type of person who prefers to wait for something to happen, too. :)

    Strizzt | 20/08/06 07:46 PM

  3. What did you do to the seemingly quiet, timid girl/woman?

    Shomisu | 21/08/06 09:02 AM

  4. Shomisu – Well, I was being very unStrizzt-like…

    The waitress ran up and returned to me my shopping purchases. I had absent mindedly left them in the restaurant. Sigh…

    Strizzt | 21/08/06 08:06 PM

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