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The end of Elm Street.

I think some of us have certain colours that we do not yet know of.

Jennifer: I mean, they spend, like, an hour in the back seat of some car and all of a sudden they’re technicolour?!

Well, it is either that, or we pretend to have some colours – but in actuality, we do not. In any case – black, white, grey – they are all colours, are they not?

Perhaps some of us have more blue than red; less of lime green than pale yellow; a little bit of burnt sienna here, or a generous dosage of turquoise there. I know I do not have enough pink in me, so much so that my mother has to recently buy me my one and only shirt of that colour – it now hangs forlornly in my closet, surrounded and overshadowed by the dullest colours imaginable.

I thought it was those dull colours that made me, me.

But this raises a question – do we have to earn our colours? I doubt all of us started off having everything within our grasp.

Did you already know that you would fancy the colour purple the first time you laid your eyes upon it? Red often signifies love, but a lack of it would not make you any more hateful, would it?

What if fresh lemons were of a different, hideous colour, despite their rich, fruity fragrance? Does it matter if brown paper packages are not, well, brown in colour? If the sky were not blue, would you love it anyway?

And then we change.

David: Nothing went wrong. People change.
George: People change?
David: Yeah, people change.
George: Can they change back?

I wonder.

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  1. I am reading this aloud and loving every bit of it :)

    carina | 14/08/06 10:36 PM

  2. Carina – Er.. thanks. :D But that was actually a major sidetrack – I initially wanted to write a ‘review’ of the movie.

    Strizzt | 15/08/06 08:28 PM

  3. that must be it! reading aloud makes words more lovable!

    soporific | 16/08/06 12:04 PM

  4. Soporific – Eeeesh. :P

    Hmm, I wonder if reading aloud would make me appreciate words even more? I think I’ll try it someday.

    Strizzt | 16/08/06 07:45 PM

  5. Never thought of it that way. Esp the lemons. It was weird enough drinking blood orange juice.

    spot | 17/08/06 03:50 PM

  6. Spot – Heh. I think food which is black in colour doesn’t quite help in working up appetites. Those salted duck eggs come to mind…

    Blood orange juice? How was it like, terribly thick and sour? Yeek.

    Strizzt | 17/08/06 07:50 PM

  7. Black..cincau ok wat. :)

    Blood oranges are delicious, actually, despite its geli name. Very sweet. It’s just bizarre that the mind actually gets a shock when lifting a cup of red juice to your mouth and tasting orange instead. Like as if it were expecting to taste tomato juice.

    spot | 18/08/06 11:06 AM

  8. Spot – Ooh, yeah hor. I quite like cincau, actually.

    Heh, that just reinforces the fact that looks can be deceiving. :)

    Strizzt | 18/08/06 09:22 PM

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