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I know, I know: it always takes someone else to get you to know the real you. There are things that we do so comfortably, so automatically, so… normally, we eventually become unaware that it actually has become a part of us – a part that makes us who we are – so much so that it comes off as rather strange and different to others.

“Such discipline…! Do you have to finish your food first before taking your drink?”

Embarrassingly enough, this one came from my former editor. It made me very conscious of my actions for the rest of lunch – and that was the only meal we had together (tea breaks do not count).

I do not know which is worse – the fact that someone had been studying my eating habits while I was busy devouring my fish and chips, or that I could easily choke myself to death one day by stubbornly striving to finish up everything on my plate before reaching for a glass of water or for even a sip of mushroom soup.

“Wow… you can actually remember all the URLs!”

A friend was somewhat amazed that I could provide addresses to blogs and online journals, seemingly at the blink of an eye. I think I do remember them all, yes. I do not do bookmarks; I hardly make use of my links page; I do not need to hit up search engines to get to a particular website. There are some blogs and online journals that I read daily, and there are some I reserve only for my boring weekends.

While we are it, I think I am fast running out of quality online reading material. The good ones either do not get updated regularly, or are stashed away in the far corners of cyberspace like hidden jewels, yet to be discovered by prying eyes.

“... oh, isn’t she the soft spoken one?”

Okay. Everytime I read this, it makes me laugh. I cannot help it. Not that the description of me is true; at the same time, it cannot be considered untrue either… can it? “Quiet” I can stomach, but “soft spoken”? It gives me the impression that I have been walking around in dainty white heels, dressed in a pink blouse and long, flowery skirt, speaking in the lowest and softest tone possible, occasionally breaking into fits of giggles like a dizzy schoolgirl.

I wonder if those who know me well enough will find any truth, or amusement, in this.


Well, it has been a week now – not a very good one, may I add – and I am still getting comments about my recent haircut.

“Your haircut makes you kinda cute! You look younger now…”

“Heck, my mum says it makes me look like a student.”

“Yes, like a secondary school student!”

Argh. That is it – I will keep my hair long next time.

Hmm. I think I need some ice cream.

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  1. You are really soft-spoken, you know. Except when you are irritated and you just bark out ‘NO’ in a very firm way.

    Shomisu | 13/08/06 06:50 PM

  2. Shomisu – :o I am soft spoken?! Eek.

    Actually, I think most of the time I was just overreacting with my ‘no’s. :D

    Strizzt | 14/08/06 08:11 PM

  3. that’s the problem with language la. as time goes by, connotations get swept into the use of a word. now soft-spoken is like, some dainty midwestern country girl who only dates within the family or something.

    soporific | 16/08/06 12:08 PM

  4. Soporific – Okay, that’s certainly worse than the description I gave…!

    But hmm, I don’t know. Why do I keep thinking that ‘soft-spoken’ doesn’t suit me?

    Strizzt | 16/08/06 07:47 PM

  5. soft-spoken. how true!

    keat | 18/08/06 09:08 PM

  6. Keat – Who, me? NOOOOO!

    Strizzt | 18/08/06 09:23 PM

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