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I just got back from what I think must have been my most frustrating shopping experience, ever.

You see, I had this sudden urge to reward myself with something – anything – after having spent a few weekends being cooped up in the house reading about self managed superannuation funds, capital gains tax and fringe tax benefits.

I was at two bookshops, flipping through Murakami, Albom, Hornby, Orwell; checking out Salvatore, Hobb, Pratchett, Adams; looking at Kunzru, Smith, Gaiman, Palahniuk.

I was at two music stores, hovering at countless sections; browsing through various genres; searching for particular music CDs.

I circled the shelves, wandered round the stores, covered all relevant perimeters.

Along the way, I dodged out of sight from a few recognisable faces.

(Yes, I dislike bumping into people I know – sorry, but I will not go up and say hi even if I see you. After all these years, I have perfected the art of wheeling a 90-degree turn, and of picking the right hiding spots – be it behind a long row of flowery, lacey dresses from Somerset Bay, or diving into the children’s section, pretending to be deeply immersed in Barney’s wonderful sing-a-long book.)

I was all ready to part with some money, but… I failed to find something to indulge on. Not even to keep my sanity intact.

I could not find my favourite music CDs (this is becoming such a regular affair, I wonder why I even bothered). I could not muster enough interest to pick even one book from the buy-three-for-the-price-of-two rack. I could not digest the words “sale” and “discount” although they lunged at me from all four corners.

The smell of new books – they always hold a promise of something different, something exciting. The shiny music CDs – they often lead to more melodious discoveries and auditory pleasures.

But nothing – absolutely nothing – failed to work its magic on me today.

I got home empty handed, unsatisfied and unfulfilled, feeling angry with the world.

Retail therapy? Hardly.

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  1. It’s the Law of Irony. When you are grounded from shopping or you are in too much of a hurry to shop, everthing around you seems so tempting and attractive. But when you finally put away some time and money to do shopping, things just don’t seem so appealing anymore. But it could also mean that you are too careful with your money … that’s the danger of being too picky about value for money.

    Shomisu | 07/08/06 05:09 PM

  2. Shomisu – I’m not sure if I was being too careful with the money… I had every intention to spend, but I need to find something worth investing in. Yesterday, I couldn’t find something that I really, really, really! want.

    (I had a mental music CD shopping list in my head but I couldn’t find those elusive music CDs. I’m sure that if they were on the rack, I’d have grab them, no question asked.)

    Strizzt | 07/08/06 07:34 PM

  3. Eh, didn’t you stop for ice-cream?

    Keat | 09/08/06 11:55 PM

  4. Keat – Our friend was nursing a bad throat, so we skipped ice cream (sniff!). Not that going to Starbucks is of any help either…

    Strizzt | 10/08/06 07:25 PM

  5. i sorta remembered a bunch of murakamis going 3-for-2.
    i can already tell you that if that was the case, it was a mistake ignoring it.
    that and stuff from gaiman.

    although, you’d definitely want to consider adams and pratchett. orwell or kunzru might not exactly be ‘satisfying’.

    soporific | 16/08/06 12:13 PM

  6. Soporific – Unfortunately, during that visit, there was just one Murakami in the 3-for-2.

    I bought two Gaimans from a previous visit – they weren’t too bad, but they didn’t exactly leave me gunning for more of his books either.

    I wanted Orwell because I, er, haven’t read Animal Farm.

    Strizzt | 16/08/06 07:52 PM

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