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Now there's nothing left to say.

This is it. Another one of those days that turns you into a walking zombie – lethargic and unenergetic; sluggish and… stagnant.

“Is it just me, or is everything just so damn slow today?”

I think it was really just me.

The brain was also struggling to process incoming messages. Another one of those days that finds you repeating everything that has already been said before. Such redundancy should never have to happen.

“Eh? It’s not working?... Oh, so it’s not working lah.”

It could not get any more obvious than that.

Reading, without actually reading. Another one of those days when horoscope predictions seems to be uncannily accurate. But different astrologers come up with different readings, anyway, either in accordance to the unique arrangement of tea leaves within a coffee cup, or the positions of various planets on a starless night, for instance.

“Today, you’ll not feel up to working and at work, you’ll do very little.”

I wonder which one hit the mark.

I slid further down my seat and pondered if the day could get any better, or any worse. Do I need a polar bear to come bounding out from behind some banana trees?

Then again, I am not the one stranded in an airport miles and miles away from home.


Children like having bedtime stories read to them before they drift off to sleep.

Me? I have now developed a tendency to listen to a particular song before I retire for the night.

How embarrassing.

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  1. How can one tell the position of stars if it’s a starless night?


    ..oh… OH! You meant it rhetorically! Right… okay… Or did you not? Hmm… well… thank goodness it’s a Friday…

    Wong | 04/08/06 09:25 AM

  2. Hey, that’s not embarrassing! I used to have that habit too. In fact, I used to have to listen to a whole playlist before I go to sleep. And I had another playlist that I had to listen to before I go out and start my day. It’s a good practice so keep it up. For your case it might help to make you sleep better (establishing a routine to fall asleep)

    Shomisu | 04/08/06 03:44 PM

  3. Wong – Rhetorically or not, that will be for you to find out. ;) But that’d be the least of your worries – after all, the weekend beckons!

    Shomisu – Really? :D I think I’d actually be able to fall asleep more easily to the soft chirping of crickets on a cool night… it gives out a more worldly peace than listening to some pop song.

    Strizzt | 04/08/06 08:52 PM

  4. you’re not the only one. i make it a point to start the day with at least one great song, everyday. lagi embarassing…

    spoonfork | 06/08/06 12:47 PM

  5. Spoonfork – Ah, I think that’d charge you up and set the tone for the day. :) Phew, so I guess that’s normal… :D We all need a soundtrack to our lives, hey?

    Strizzt | 06/08/06 09:25 PM

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